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Otto Veijola

Name: Otto Veijola

Age: 25
Residence: Helsinki, Finland
Sponsors: Smith, Nitro, Chanex
Blog: Noooot.
What's your favorite place to ride?

Ruka and other great resorts in lapland.

What really stupid things did you do after a party night?

Usually it's a bit of a trouble to remember the things you've done. But there is some weird places that I did pass out.
For example waking up from the beach sand or from an empty plane.

What's so special for u when u go out with the lafamiglia crew?

Usually it's more like a vacation than just trying to catch something on tape. Also learning some stupid sentences in germany is something special.
What´s your favorite website?

What are u doing besides snowboarding?

gymnastics, golf and recently i started this french boxing called savate
What you prefer Powder or Railtrip?

Pow, no question!!
What is in your Backpack when you go snowboarding?

usually nothing,because I dont carry one with me.
You are President of the world for one day, which new laws would you

Leagalize, so you could bring some to my home town without getting in to trouble.

You make a party who is your dj or liveact?

Some punk band or irish stuff, last I went to see Flogging molly and they really kicked ass!

You are on an island with your best friend which 3items you would take
with u?

spinning rod,music and bug spray

You are totally lost somewhere after a hard party. You recognize that you lost everything and just have 5€ left. What are you gonna do??
 invest the 5€ to a internet casino get a 100% bonus on my first deposit. Now I've already have 10€. Invest that in to a slot and cross my fingers.
 Your top5 song on your ipod?

Mumford & sons- little lion man
   Looptroop rockers- professional dreamer
   The sounds- midnight sun

 What should people know about you?

Im a easy and happy person. I love to spend time with my friends and Im addicted to sports.

Otto Veijola. Copyright La Famiglia 2012