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Maximillian Meisberger

Name: Maximilian Meisberger    

Age: 26
Residence: Innsbruck
Sponsors: O´Neill, Light Snowboards, Adidas Eyewear, Drake/Northwave, Level Gloves
Blog: www.lafamiglia.de

What's your favorite place to ride?
I don’t have a special place to go snowboarding, it´s more the people you are riding with.

What really stupid things did you do after a party night?
After a Swollen Members concert in Tahoe on the way back home I missed the right house and dropped into our neighbor´s house. Crazy it was just 50m close to our one. I was pretty lucky because the owner was not there so I tried to explain it to him the next weekend. He got so angry but in the end it worked out quite nice…so lucky…

What's so special for u when u go out with the lafamiglia crew?
It´s always a good time going snowboarding with friends and get to know different countries and cultures.

What´s your favorite website?

What are u doing besides snowboarding?
Studying, trying to go as much as possible surfing, all the other sports and enjoy the life.

What you prefer Powder or Railtrip?
Would be nice to combine such a trip. First 2 weeks powder trip in the mountains and then going down in the valley for some street spots. But in generally I love powder. So the first choice would be Powder!

What is in your Backpack when you go snowboarding?
Food, drink, phone, wax, shovel, avalance detector and some replacement tools.

You are President of the world for one day, which new laws would you make?
I would try to give to as much people as possible around the world something to eat because so many people die on starvation and we in Central Europe and US waste a lot of food just per day. That´s absurd…

You are on an island with your best friend which 3items you would take with u?
My Surfboard because I heard they have a nice pointbreak over there, some music and perhaps a bottle of good old gin.

Your top5 song on your ipod?
I don’t know  I listen to so much different genres of music. You should ask my ipod.

What should people know about you?
Just come over and get it out. I don´t wanna try to explain myself. That´s the task of other people.

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Maximilian Meisberger. Copyright La Famiglia 2012