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Jesse "Jeppe" Rontti

Name: Jesse "Jeppe" Rontti

Helsinki, Finland
Thirtytwo, Smith and Ponke's the shop
Blog: jepperhonde.tumblr.com

What's your favorite place to ride?
Ruka you are my favorit, definetely! I basicly run the place, heheh..

What really stupid things did you do after a party night?
Once in a really nice sunday evening I lost my keys and phone at the bar.
After that, I puked 2hrs at my front door, finally I said fuck it and go for it!
I took the clothing rack rope, climbed up the firestairs on to the 7th floor roof.
Then I put one end of the rope around the chimney and the other around my waist.
After being shit scared in the air, I landed myself on the top balcony, went inside and rang the door bell. My girlfriend opened the door and looked just a bit suprised.

What's so special for u when u go out with the lafamiglia crew?
Never been out with the crew, soon my friend, soon!

What´s your favorite website?
Everybody is talking about this Facebook thing? What is it?

What are u doing besides snowboarding?
Skateboarding, learning to surf and of course downshifting.

What you prefer Powder or Railtrip?
It depends..If the railtrip is already done, then it's time for some powder!

What is in your Backpack when you go snowboarding?
Water, weed and westlife cd

You are President of the world for one day, which new laws would you make?
Hahaha, is this a trick question? Legalize it!?

You are on an island with your best friend which 3items you would take with u?
Beer, beer bong and some puff puff.

You make a party who is your dj or liveact?
Original Black Sabbath, they are back in bizz!

Your top5 song on your ipod?
Mt Eden - Sierra Leone
Kid Cudi - Down & Out
Shwayze - Buzzin'
Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind
Johnny Cash - The Wanderer

You are totally lost somewhere after a hard party. You recognize that you lost everything and just have 5€ left. What are you gonna do??
Call a taxi and pay for it later.

What should people know about you?
I'm really good at talking shit and having fun.

Jesse "Jeppe" Rontti. Copyright La Famiglia 2012