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Friedl May

Name: Friedl May

Age: 27
Residence: Oberstdorf
Sponsors: Elan, Chanex, 5ive, Electric, Deeluxe, TSG

What's your favorite place to ride?
Arlberg, Ohau NZ, Donner Pass at Lake Tahoe USA,

What really stupid things did you do after a party night?
I realized, that I came home without Jacket, but a girl´s Pullover. - My girlfriend didn´t think it´s funny.

What's so special for u when u go out with the lafamiglia crew?
It just feels like holiday. To go on a trip and have a nice time with your buddies. At the end getting a movie that reminds me of the good times.

What´s your favorite website?

What are u doing besides snowboarding?
This year, it´s my first year as Parkdesigner at Fellhorn.
Coaching for Elooa Camps. http://www.elooa.com/

What you prefer Powder or Railtrip?
Powder is my love!

What is in your Backpack when you go snowboarding?
Avalanche Rescue equipment. Snacks and more often a Camera.

You are President of the world for one day, which new laws would you
The Powderlaw: The LaFamiglia Crew is allowed to ride all first lines before everyone else.

You make a party who is your dj or liveact?
The Drunken Masters

You are on an island with your best friend which 3items you would take with u?
My Surfboard, fishing rod, and a huge knife to open Coconuts

You are totally lost somewhere after a hard party. You recognize that you lost everything and just have 5€ left. What are you gonna do??
First go to the bakery and get a nice sandwich. For 5 EUR you can get quite a big one  

What should people know about you?

No friends on powder days

Friedl May. Copyright La Famiglia 2012