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David Ditjé

Name: David Ditjé

Age: 19
Residence: Zürich/Davos, Switzerland
Sponsors: Forum, Foursquare, Anon, Red, Snowboard Garage
Blog: www.thingsthatexciteme.tumblr.com

What`s your favorite place to ride?
Laax, Your mum

What really stupid things did you do after a party night?
Once i had to sleep in my basement (in november, assholes) because some friends locked me out and were to drunk to hear the phone ringing.

What`s so special for u when u go out with the lafamiglia crew?
Well i cant tell you that yet cause its my first season with lafamiglia but i already know a couple of riders and to go snowboarding and partying with those is always a hell of a time.

What`s your favorite website?
Www.brazzers.com Membership FTW!

What are you doing besides snowboarding?
I go to a sportschool in Davos, Drinking, having Sex

What you prefer Powder or Railtrip?

What is in your Backpack when you go snowboarding?
Water, Something to eat, Second pair of Gloves, Helmet and UNO cards,

You are President of the world for one day, which new laws would you make?
18 for the age control in the USA, No religions

You make a party who is your dj or liveact?
First there would be a sick Justin Bieber concert and for the after party my homies Mannequine (best djs ever)

You are on an island with your best friend which 3 items would you take with you?
-Gun (in case he gets wrong thoughts)

You are totally lost somewhere after a hard party. You recognize that you lost everything and just have 5$ left. What are you gonna do?
Call supermen for some help!

Your top5 songs on your Ipod?
-Lil Wayne – Popular
-Kanye West – Lost In The World
-Grouplove – Colours (captain cuts remix)
-Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (the magican remix)
Edward Sharpe & The Magnatic Zeros – 40 Day Dream

What should people know about you?
Im black. Theres not more to say.

David Ditjé. Copyright La Famiglia 2012