US TRIP 1.0 
  • backyard session at tylers house
Hello Folks,
After flying for 11h in the new A380, Freddy and Me arrived in San Francisco about a week ago. We slept one night at his unkles place in San Leandro. Freddy manged to lose his wallet already in the first night and i put the whole bathroom under water. Not the best start for a trip. Anyways, the next day we drove straight to South Lake Tahoe. We spent the first two nights at some cheap motels, before we went to Tyler Heffernans house where we still are. Jetlaged as f*** we started our first day in Kirkwood to catch some pow. We found a pretty nice area with a couple of cliffs and pillows. Did some drops and sprays there. After the first bad weather day we hidded to Sierra to catch more pow. Was fun to cruize through the woods with Tyler and his buddy Jack. The next day we builded some stuff in Tylers backyard. Didnt really work out what was kind of a bump after spending 3h on shoveling. Today we were riding Squaw Vally. It was windy as hell but still fun to ride some jumps. We stay in South Lake Tahoe for the next two days before we go up north to Northstar and Mammoth later.

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